Welcome to Oakville Sleep Dentistry

Who are we ?

We are a referral based speciality practice located in Oakville, Ontario (Trafalgar and Dundas). We specialize in providing all levels of sedation including deep sedation and general anaesthesia for your dental appointment. A major part of the referrals that we receive are for patients needing dentistry that are

  • Complete children's dentistry (Ages 2+) under sedation or GA
  • Anxious patients
  • Patients with a pronounced gag reflex
  • Patients that are difficult to numb or have allergies to local anaesthesia
  • Mentally challenged and special needs patients that are unable to cooperate in the dental chair

Our OBJECTIVE is to have your dentistry completed in a non-stressful and atraumatic manner so you or your child can continue to maintain your oral care with your family dentist.

What we DON’T do ?

What we DON’T do ?

  • We do not restrain children.
  • We do not force our way through treatment.
  • We do not yell at children to assure completion of treatment.
What we do ?

What we do ?

We provide all levels of sedation including general anaesthesia to ensure completion of all your child’s dental treatment in a safe and pleasant manner. We do not provide sedation / GA on a part time basis – this is what we do 5 days a week for most of the year.

How do we keep cost of treatment Low for our patients?

How do we keep cost of treatment LOW for our patients?

  • We do not have an anaesthesiologist come into our facility to provide anaestheisa. Dr. Vasudeva has extensive training in providing all levels of sedation and GA